Ambos- Falmouth & Penryn Cohousing

Lilyrose will be aiding the development of Cornwall's first Mutual Home Ownership Society. Ambos, set up by local residents, exists to give local residents more choice when it come to models of housing provision, which is currently dominated by volume house developers.

They are proposing to create a cohousing community, in which facilities are shared including gardens, workshops, laundry and office space. Residents can also share meals in the evening if they so wish and commute using electric vehicles from the communities car pool. The unique aspect about the project is that it is utilizing a financial structure that effectively takes homes out of the housing market, by converting members equity to shares in the cooperative which are tied into the national average wage.  Ambos hopes that the growth of this model will help return a sense of community building rather than simply building houses for profit.  Lilyrose will be helping to develop the initial concept and will help advise Ambos in selecting the design and contractor team. Find out more about their project at here.