Place-Based Architecture

Lilyrose is passionate about supporting the development of thriving communities in Cornwall. That is why we like to make time for  individuals, community groups, businesses and organisations who have a vested interest in commissioning buildings that benefit the communities in which they are built. We would like to hear from anyone who is passionate about the following topics and would like to join us to make a positive impact on the future development of Cornwall. 


Building up the commons

We think access is more important that ownership. Access to good quality homes, inspiring public spaces and great places to work that are collectively controlled and responsibly managed for future generations. We want to develop projects with you that build community resilience and bring meaning to peoples lives.


Building from Cradle to Cradle

Building a work of architecture is one of the most resource intensive en devours we undertake during our lives. We want to support the development of a circular economy where materials are returned to the ground as biological nutrients or can be remade within a technological sphere to save it from becoming lost in waste.


Building with imagination 

 Why can't we mix business with pleasure? student housing with long term residents? the elderly with the young? urban living with rural dreams? We want to help  invent the future heritage of Cornwall, We want to ask the questions that lead to the creation of places full of relevance and prospect for generations to come.