Hi, I set up Lilyrose in 2017,  naming the practice after my two daughters out of a strong desire to design buildings that were always fit for their future. As a graduate from the renowned Center for Alternative Technology, I'm am a strong advocate for community-led development, particularly focused on supporting appropriate developments in Cornwall. Lilyrose takes a 'fabric first' approach to designing buildings, using low impact materials to create both energy efficient and ecologically sensitive Architecture. We are globally minded but act locally.



We work hard to support and collaborate with people and *organisations who are committed to building healthy, ecologically sensitive built environments that leave a positive legacy for future generations. 


We are committed to being the UK's most effective community-orientated architecture agency, with a reputation for enabling individuals and organisations to transform undervalued and unproductive space into high quality assets for the benefit of one and all.


Ecological, Regenerative, Ethical, Personal & Provident.



* We carefully assess organisations seeking to use our services, if we feel an organisation's practices conflict with our ethos, we would not be able to progress the enquiry.